How to Protect Your Android Device from Online Threats

Do you own a Smartphone? Then you are definitely aware of mobile threats. Did you know that each and every year, the number of threats your phone encounters keeps enhancing? In fact, number of the new mobile malware types has jumped 54 percent from 2016 to 2017.1

So, once your android is hacked, the other devices might be next if they are actually connected. Your entire online security is as strong as a weakest link in the chain of some connected devices. Eventually, the malware can simply spread from the hacked phone to the tablet or even another android device right through the network.

How to protect yourself from the mobile security threats?

There are several mobile security threats available that might sound scary but you will have to follow six simple steps, which you can take to help protect the android mobile.

Keep the software updated

The very first thing you will have to know is to keep the software of your android updated. Only 20 percent of the Android devices are nowadays running newest version and almost 2.3% are on the latest release. From your OS to the social networking accounts, everything is the potential gateways for the hackers to easily compromise the mobile device. You need to keep your software up to date and that ensures some best protection against the security threats of your mobile.

Choose mobile security

Just like the PC, you always need to protect your mobile devices. You need to choose the best internet security for your android. But whenever you are going to choose the mobile security make sure that you select the mobile security software only from the reputed and trustworthy provider and then keep this up to date. The VPN recommendations for Android devices are always great and which is why you can also choose the best VPN services as well.

Install the firewall

Most of the mobile phones, especially androids do not really come along with any kind of firewall protection. So, whenever you are going to install the firewall, it will offer you with much stronger protection against the digital threats. Eventually it will permit you to safeguard the online privacy.

Download apps from official app stores

As you know VPN recommendations for Android devices come as one of the significant things so you will have to use the VPN server carefully. Apart from that, you need to ensure that you do not always download the third party apps from play store or any official app stores.

Use passcode

Passcode is one of the important things on your mobile device. And the best part is that you can easily protect your mobiles with the help of passcode. But you will have to ensure a fact that you choose strong passcode to secure your device in a proper manner. In fact, you also need to remember that loss or physical theft of your mobile device can also compromise your information and data as well.

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